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Business Punk +33 6 63 80 43 13

10 years managing communication agencies, punctuated by the creation of 7 companies worldwide. Also advertiser for celebrated companies.

Jeff is a gold-digger. His gold? New business models.

For WILDSOURCING®, he manages the seamless hybridisation strategy.


Bee's Dev +33 6 11 36 35 67

A 10 year experience in large communication groups, and in the food industry.

Sylvie is a passionate entrepreneur animated by the transmission of know-hows and skills, through online training in particular.

For WILDSOURCING®, she takes care of the “bees’ dev“: development of new business and project management.


Sourcer +33 6 61 86 15 11

A 10 year experience in higher-education, managing Corporate-Education partnerships, after a career in design agencies.

Yolaine is committed to connect the academic world to the corporate sphere.

For WILDSOURCING®, she manages the sourcing of teams and the identification of tailored talents.


Beyonder +33 6 28 47 09 72

Half a decade studying human science and working in communication agencies: graduated in sociology for the Creative Industries.

Héloïse is specialised in dialectics and social practices and is interested in the great social transformations and trends.

For WILDSOURCING®, she acts as the “embedded“ ambassador for the new generation our model empowers.