They are WILD...and far more..

They come from famous higher education establishments.
They are audacious, talented, ingenious and open.
They love WILDSOURCING® and are committed…
That’s why they chose us. We’ve selected each other.

From the very beginning, WILDSOURCING®, ticked all my innovation boxes; a diversified team generating a true creative dynamic, answering the demand in a short space of time. It is truly a great challenge. I also value the recognition towards our skills and the freedom in project management (it’s not about youth, but skills!). Organically and rapidly, the whole team kick-started an effective job, spontaneously. Very chill. The format of the experience is really a source of efficiency and innovation. It can only grow very quickly. IT’S WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT’S I’LL WORK WITH WILDSOURCING® AGAIN. Nicolas Pham / Designer

Nicolas Pham

I was very excited to work on a WILDSOURCING®, project, and quite curious to see how such a format could succeed in such a short space of time. In the end, the dynamism of the project took off very quickly, in a very liberated and intuitive way. We were a team of 4 and our complementarity emerged rapidly in the construction of the project. Everyone found his place in a second. The experience took place in a dynamic, relaxed and effective environment. After an introductory immersion phase relatively short, our approach became spontaneous and reactive in an instant. I think the project then became even more precise and relevant. IT IS MY MOST INTENSE, DOWN-TO-EARTH AND MOTIVATING EXPERIENCE EVER.  Pauline Avrillon / Designer
After receiving the invitation through my website, I looked the project up and accepted it immediately. Being a fresh graduate, I was very happy to share my know-how. The working environment is very different from what I know. Once the team is fixed, the project rolled. Each personality found its role and everybody adapted to the new format. From day one, I was seduced and impressed by the prospective aspect of WILDSOURCING®. I felt diving into the future, tomorrow’s working environment… I’LL START AGAIN ANYTIME. Robin Poupard / Designer & Arts Expert

Robin Poupard

Designer & Arts Expert
WILDSOURCING®, it’s a concept which makes graduates work together during a defined time-lapse. The “wildsourced“ come from different backgrounds and are complementary. Their openness and ideas unite to offer solutions ever so innovative to answer to the demand of clients. As a “wildsourced“ myself, I had the opportunity to work on real projects with other extremely talented people, with different approaches. It fitted. Our group took responsibility, managing many dimensions of the project, while respecting the challenging deadline: respect of the specs, interviews, application of current norms, financial management, etc. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WILDSOURCING®, AN ENRICHING EXPERIENCE FOR GRADUATES AND ORGANISATIONS! Simon Guilliams / embedded Developer